Donít ignore numb feet.

Numb feet may be the sign of a more serious problem. The sooner you diagnose and treat the numbness in your feet, the safer your feet will be.

Is foot numbness making it difficult to carry out even simple chores? For many people who complain of foot numbness, it is difficult to care for numb feet and toes. If you have numbness in your feet you are not alone. It is a major problem for millions of Americans.

Numbness in the foot is a loss of sensation in the foot, as a result of improper communication between the nerves and the central nervous system. Temporary causes of numbness in the foot, such as a blood shortage from sitting cross- legged, are harmless. Artificial causes, such as anesthesia or other medications should be monitored, but are usually harmless. Neurological disorders, nerve damage or diseases such as Lyme disease and Diabetic Neuropathy are more serious causes of numbness in the foot. A psychological disorder may also be the cause. A visit to a physician should help to determine the cause and treatment of numbness in the foot.

If the numbness in the foot is caused by Diabetic Neuropathy, a physician can recommend several possible treatments, including regulating blood sugar, exercising, and abstaining from alcohol.

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